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Sunday, 15 January 2012

Estée Lauder Signature Satin Creme Blush - Review

 I got this one in the 'Coral' shade. I absolutely love cream blushers, the last one I got and have nearly used up was MAC's 'Lilicent' which sadly discontinued :(.

I'm really liking this one! I love peachy colours for my complexion and find it hard finding a nice peachy cream blush, I have both MAC - Peaches and NARS - Gina, both of which are beautiful beautiful colours, but I suck at putting them on!

So I came across this, it's about £23.50 (in either HoF or Debenhams) and it has a really silky feeling to it. It's not as thick as some cream blushers but it's not quite a powder one, it's in between! I was reading some reviews on this and saw a lot of mature ladies rave about this?... I'm putting that down to Estée Lauder being the kind of brand my mom uses! I think anyone can use it though :).

I looove the colour, it's gorgeous peachy tone, not too flat and not too bright. I actually wear this everyday to work! You can put it on very sheer and also build it up if you want something with more pop.

I used to apply this with just my fingers but I found because it's not as thick as my MAC one, that I disturb my makeup a little so I used my angled blush brush which works really well! It's quite pigmented so you only need a small amount.

Overall I give this 8/10, I wouldn't mind it being a little thicker like my MAC one as it'd be even easier to apply and also give a little glowy shine to cheek apples! Otherwise it is a really good peachy blusher!


  1. Looks like a great coral which is more peach than pink, great to see as they normally go the other way.
    Jn your opinion would it work over mineral Makeup powder?

  2. Yep more peach than pink is exactly what I wanted as well! They're so hard to find.

    Ahh I'm sorry I've never tried mineral make up powder :(. This is almost like a thick creamy powder though (if that makes sense), so from the image of mineral powder I have in my head, I think a little dusting of this with a large blusher brush wouldn't harm the mineral powder?