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Sunday, 27 October 2013

The only time you want to blend in...

Beauty Blender

This little thing is so wonderful, the concept is utterly simple but it does wonders. I use it for concealer (mainly under eyes and blemishes if any). I spray a little fix plus on it then blend away, in no time I'm done!

It's so easy to use and just covers evenly, naturally and makes you look smooooth.

I THINK I got it for $20 when I was in Sephora? It's about £16 here in the UK.

Little pricey for what is essentially a blob-shaped sponge but trust me, it's worth it. Given what you'd pay for a decent concealer brush!

Bravo beauty blender people, you've revolutionised the simple sponge!

My trusty one covered in LOVE!

Who doesn't love nudity...

NUDE - ProGenius oil

I love this stuff, it feeds my skin the good shizz it needs. Makes a wonderful overnight face oil and also great for around the eyes in the morning.

Hydrates, smooths and gives you the right stuff for healthy glowy skin without makeup.

A tad pricey - £58/30ml but in my opinion worth it. I have so many uses for it - for around my eyes, for my whole face overnight and in the winter and also for any dry skin. I'm sure I'm on my 4th bottle since discovery but it lasts ages!

Veet just got NEAT

OK so I'll keep it short. I've tried many many home-microwave waxes and usually, they work at the beginning but then once they've cooled a little you either need to keep dashing to the microwave and get a little burnt again or you end up looking like this guy...

Veet - Oriental Wax is just brilliant. It warms in 40 seconds, is NOT sticky and properly removes hair. I hate it so much when your wax just becomes useless after a few minutes of cooling. This one works even when it's cooled! (i.e. when it gets all gloopy again).

You can re-use the strip over and over and I find it works even better the more you use one strip.

I used up the whole pot, didn't have to go back and re-heat and just cleared everything up with water.

(It also tastes good)

Veet - you gorgeous sugary sweet dissolving pot of excellence!

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Eye See Those Shadows!

Got these from Inglot in Westfield, they had 1 bajillion colours. It's a surprise I came out with just two colours!

Below is #63 (black one) and #45 (goldy one)

Love 'em!

Teamed with MAC's Fanfare...

This is a GOSH palette - Tropic Fever!

Sorry about the sweaty eye area!

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Sanctuary - 5min Thermal Detox Mask

Love this stuff! Leaves my skin feeling fresh and looking clean.

I use it a couple of times a week. It goes on nice and thick and feels all warm. I don't wanna bang on too much, but it is lovely. You can feel the difference to your skin as you wipe it away!


Sunday, 3 February 2013

MAC - Asian Flower

A beautiful beautiful shade, enough so to make me resurrect this sucker of a blog!!

Got this from MAC in Selfridges, think it was about £14.50.

It is so gorgeous, pale pink/lilac with a wonderful pop. It's STILL not tooo much to wear everyday, I've been wearing this to work and not had any funny looks just yet.

It's really creamy but it doesn't compromise the colour. You can put on one layer for a sheer tone or a few like I do to really make it show.

It also has that delicious Vanilla scent that MAC love to seduce me with.

It does look a little scary in the tube, but I assure you ladies and pretty men, it is gorgeous when on!

Cowshed - Mixed Travel Candles

I've found the one thing I will always welcome as a present... Candles!!

I love them, I love nothing more than to come home from a long day and light one up. Or to just sit and read or watch TV with a lit candle. It does wonders for my mood.

I got these from the best pal for my birthday recently and have now burnt them all out :(.

I was too lazy to make the effort to actually smell all three and make notes for the sake of this review but they all smell great and look gorgeous. Each with about 10 hours burn time!