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Monday, 2 January 2012

Nars Sheer Glow - Review

So I'd been looking for a foundation for ages, I avoided foundation before because I found it SO hard finding the right one for my complexion (I'm a little yellow-y). I got this after I bought Dior Airflash which was too light for me (will review that one soon).

I went into John Lewis (£29.50) to check this out after reading some amazing reviews and the lady tried Barcelona and Syracuse on me.

 I like this, it has the yellow tones for my skin and it's a really light formula. You can put the sheerest amount just to even out your skin tone and it looks natural  but gives you a nice glow.

The only thing that I personally didn't like about this, is that it still isn't the right colour for me (on the right of the swatch it is rubbed in), I can get away with wearing a very sheer amount of it but anything more than that and it's hello The Mask! I think something in between Barcelona and Syracuse would have been perfect but alas :(.

Overall it's a really good sheer foundation for people like me who don't like that much coverage, I'm sure it's buildable but it's just as good sheer.

I give it an 8/10 - knocked off 2 because it wasn't my perfect match :(

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  1. I do love Nars product, Expensive but gorgeous!