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Sunday, 27 October 2013

The only time you want to blend in...

Beauty Blender

This little thing is so wonderful, the concept is utterly simple but it does wonders. I use it for concealer (mainly under eyes and blemishes if any). I spray a little fix plus on it then blend away, in no time I'm done!

It's so easy to use and just covers evenly, naturally and makes you look smooooth.

I THINK I got it for $20 when I was in Sephora? It's about £16 here in the UK.

Little pricey for what is essentially a blob-shaped sponge but trust me, it's worth it. Given what you'd pay for a decent concealer brush!

Bravo beauty blender people, you've revolutionised the simple sponge!

My trusty one covered in LOVE!

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