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Sunday, 27 October 2013

Veet just got NEAT

OK so I'll keep it short. I've tried many many home-microwave waxes and usually, they work at the beginning but then once they've cooled a little you either need to keep dashing to the microwave and get a little burnt again or you end up looking like this guy...

Veet - Oriental Wax is just brilliant. It warms in 40 seconds, is NOT sticky and properly removes hair. I hate it so much when your wax just becomes useless after a few minutes of cooling. This one works even when it's cooled! (i.e. when it gets all gloopy again).

You can re-use the strip over and over and I find it works even better the more you use one strip.

I used up the whole pot, didn't have to go back and re-heat and just cleared everything up with water.

(It also tastes good)

Veet - you gorgeous sugary sweet dissolving pot of excellence!

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