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Saturday, 17 March 2012

By Terry - Touche Veloutee in Beige

OK sooo since I started working, my eyes show the hours I work! I never had an issue before with the skin around my eyes, I got the odd noticeable eyebag when I was at uni and staying up until stupid O'clock but I never did cover up my eye area. NOW though, I feel like I look like a single mother with a mortgage. No me gusta! 

I've mentioned before, I don't really like foundation. It just irritates me and I prefer to not mask myself completely.  Don't get me wrong, I most likely will wear foundation in the future for occasions and whatnot but as far as my everyday look goes, it's a nada for me.

Which is why I LOVE this concealer By Terry. It's on the pricey side (£35/6ml from Space NK) but sooo worth it. Most of you probably already know she's the lady behind the YSL Touché Eclat, so just imagine what her very own version would be like.

Initially when I was looking up new concealers, I saw the By Terry under eye concealer which was specifically for brightening the under eyes, and I wanted it. However I explained I wanted it for covering imperfections on the rest of my face too... Which is when the nice lady recommended this beaut! 
Without the concealer... Exposure!
This was the best one of many takes XD ...*Cries*

The package is glamourous, resembling the YSL one with a clicker at the end and a brush depositing the product. However it's annoying that you can't see how much product you have left, I may have to fight it to crack it open. I don't really use the brush it comes with, I just use my finger for blending it in. 
Sooo the results. I love them. I no longer use this on the rest of my face (I use my MAC Select one) but I'll keep using this for my undereyes only instead of the other one! It really naturally brightens my undereyes.  The formula is lovely and smooth, not too runny so that it looks totally different once dried but not too solid so that it causes dragging around that delicate area. The colour, surprisingly is a really good match. For brightening undereyes anyway, it's not 100% to the rest of my face but perfect for my eyes. 
I really do love this, it's bloody pricey but I think completely worth it. *This* in my opinion, is a beauty investment, a staple item! 

It allows me to look refreshed and still keeps it natural. It's made me realise you don't need foundation to look totally flawless (I'm sooo not totally flawless btw), a dab of good concealer in the right places and you are good to go my friends!

The pics I've added are quick ones I took to show its results! The one below... Isn't the best representation as I realise I did a shoddy job of blending on the outer corners and the DSLR is extremely unforgiving with such a close up... I'll try and get a better pic up soon!
With the concealer... 


  1. I bought this concealer, as well as the by terry advanced one (purple pen) and her hyaluronic eye primer.
    The purple one is great for brightening and a bit lighter than touche veloutee- the eye primer is a great base to even out and is virtually undetectable. Obsessed with by terry products:)

    Just letting you know if you unscrew the clicker on the bottom of touche veloutee you can pull the tube of concealer out to see how much is left:))) hope that helps you!
    By the way great review:)

  2. Yeah I very nearly bought the purple one! But when the lady asked me what I wanted it for and I said the rest of my face too, she recommended this one. I must try out the purple one though, for those lighter good skin days!

    Terry products are gorgeous, I wanna try the hyaluronic blush next.

    And omgomgomogmg you are a lifesaver!! I will be unscrewing like a madwoman, thanks so much lady ;) X