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Sunday, 4 March 2012

MAC Viva Glam Lipstick - Nicki Minaj

Soooo here's a review I didn't think I'd ever do! 
1. Because Nicki Minaj irritates me and 2. Because I kinda sometimes hate pink
But here I am, and in LOVE with this colour! I was in the MAC store with a chum looking at Russian Red, as I'd wanted to try it for a while now. The lovely guy helping me (Joshua!) asked me if I had seen Nicki Minaj's Viva Glam yet, and even though it looked like something I used to highlight my exam notes with, I tried it! 
At first I thought woah it's REALLY pink, but then as I blended it out and added a little more, I didn't hate it? I think what persuaded me most was my friend and Joshua telling me it actually looked good! It reminded me of the Sixties/Spring/Summer, I imagine myself with a flicked out bob, bright green dress, winged eyeliner and this lip colour.
Once it's actually on your lips, it's still bright but not as scary. It's amazing how it can transform your face into fresh, just with that pop of colour. I now love it and I want to wear it everywhere, if I want to rock it to work then I may have to stick to just the one layer but it's pretty nonetheless. 

Overall, I am impressed. I didn't think Nicki Minaj's shade would suit me in a million years. I think it would suit a lot more people too. I love the Vanilla scent (like all other MAC lipsticks) and I love the consistency, it's not glossy but not too matte - meaning it's not drying on your lips but does stay put.

Well done Miss Minaj, consider a move from music to makeup? *Grin*

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